119 Living Studio – a Model

119 living studio is so much more than a home (and now a beautiful backdrop for Modern Luxury’s 2016 Women to Watch shout-out!) for Kim and her two fur babies, Summer and Taj. It’s also the fully integrated work space for kim nadel interiors flagship studio. It’s a tangible way for clients and colleagues to get a real-world sense of how we design and how to make meaningful and successful choices for eco-luxurious living.

As experts in eco-luxury design, we love to try out the great new products that haven’t quite caught on yet. Super sleek solar panels were installed when the home was built (we’d like to think before it was “cool”), and because they worked so well, we have grown to partner with Powur and Solar City to help other home owners gain the same benefits. The full house water filtration system removes chlorine and harmful chemicals as soon as they reach the home’s plumbing system so that we can ensure health and vitality.  We recently got a quote to install a grey-water system – a developing way to reuse gently used water from bathroom sinks, showers, and washing machines to reduce water waste and achieve optima water conservation. You may have read a previous blog about the great new lowest flush toilet Toto gave us to try out and review, which was just one of the new products 119 features. Constantly renovating 119 is the way we get to experience the newest trends, lighting and technology on the market before we specify them for clients. We host events, give tours, and use it as a living portfolio for clients to see the successful integration of these products and to share what we’ve learned.

Giving the space a quick face lift with new art, furniture, and accessories is also integral to keeping things up to date. For Fall, it was the living room (featured last month in Ocean Home Magazine)

and for Spring, it’s the dining room/meeting space!


Rotating art is a great way to freshen up a space without having to spend money on new accessories. This gorgeous cobalt blue and white piece was originally in the living room, but moved here when the new custom Kelsey Brookes came in to take its place. We couldn’t bear the thought of losing this piece, so into the dining lounge it went. Repainting a room every season seems daunting and unnecessary, so an oversized blue urn to match the dining chairs gives the space a non-committal color pallette. By keeping the walls a crisp, neutral white, the space will work perfectly for next season’s color change. Fresh flowers and a raw crystal give the space life and depth on top of the newly acquired 19th century credenza.

We kept and repurposed most of the pieces seen to keep the update simple and hassle-free. The opportunity for spaces to grow and change with you doesn’t always have to be a dramatic renovation. Small moves can go a long way.  Click here for more 119 Living Studio photos or here if you’d like to schedule a tour for yourself.