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Greenbuild NEXT 2011

Here iI am in Toronto, in my home country, at the Green build Conference 2011! ” We must leave oil before it leaves us”- Faith Birol, chief economist, Environmental International Agency) This morning, Amory Lovins of the RMI spoke abou how and what an oil-free future would entail and look like, which includes plug-in hybrid […]

simply:119: the making of a green home

there is nothing simple about 119… searching for a name for my green showhouse did come easily: 119…i believe in the power of numbers… ’119′ -a combination of ones and nines- …”a new door has opened for you as a product of your thoughts. you now have the opportunity to stare your thoughts in the face […]

NICHE design is au courant!

NICHE design is now current and in the now , now that we are blogging… and we have alot to say, so please check in on us periodically and let us know your thoughts! Our interests are: sustainability interior design and architecture graphic communications and design furniture design product design our latest and kim’s very […]