Our faves from BD West 2017

We recently attended the Boutique Design Show, BDWest 2017. We enjoyed informative lectures; learning about and seeing new products; talking to the vendors representatives, designers, and consumers; and Interacting with the people involved in making great products. We highly recommend you plan a visit to one of their upcoming shows. The BDWest website explains themselves best, […]

Biophilic and Biomorphic Design

What are biophilic and biomorphic design? Biophilia is a term popularized by Harvard University myrmecologist and conservationist E.O. Wilson to describe the extent to which humans are hard-wired to need connection with nature and other forms of life. Biomorphism models artistic design elements on naturally occurring patterns or shapes reminiscent of nature and living organisms.  Biophilic Design is an innovative way […]

Tips For A Toxin Free Home

Cost, performance and aesthetics are important in home design.  Most people don’t consider that their spaces can become toxic from the materials used, from construction glues to carpeting, and these toxins or VOCs (volatile organic compounds) may can cause respiratory issues, cancer and other illnesses. Green design can help! Green material and product selections consider […]

Man Glam

On June 19th, we will all be celebrating the special men in our lives – our dads! Although Anthropology dinnerware sets and velvet curtain fabric swatches might not always keep their attention the way it does ours, we know of a few things that definitely will. Here are some of our favorite Father’s Day inspired picks […]

119 Living Studio – a Model

119 living studio is so much more than a home (and now a beautiful backdrop for Modern Luxury’s 2016 Women to Watch shout-out!) for Kim and her two fur babies, Summer and Taj. It’s also the fully integrated work space for kim nadel interiors flagship studio. It’s a tangible way for clients and colleagues to get a real-world sense […]

Earth Day Picks: Eco-Luxurious Living

Representatives of over 150 countries, including the United States and China, gathered at U.N. headquarters in New York on Friday, April 22, 2016 – Earth Day – to sign the Paris Agreement, which contains pledges to reduce environment-damaging emissions. When we beautifully design your space, we take into consideration your environmental preferences. With years of extensive […]

Inspirations From Europe with Love

I just returned from travels to Europe which included hotspots like Barcelona and Venice. This designer experience will always be cherished! It all started with an invited tour from the Cosentino Group (the Silestone company) to visit their factories in Ameria (Spain) along with tourista adventures in Barcelona and Granada. Then I was off to Italy to […]

Design and The Number 8

Everyone has a story, a favorite number, an amulet of power, hope or luck. A sign, something that gives one a positive emotional connection to something. Often, it’s something that shows up repetitively in our daily lives. For me, it’s numbers and more specifically, the number 8. Born on the eighth day on the eighth month, eight […]

Green Design – Toto’s Treat

The newest trend in the design world is allowing certain aspects of the home which were previously overlooked to become stand-out show stoppers. For example, bulky, wall mounted metal range hoods now come in innovative models that resemble minimalist, floating lamp shades. Even outdoor furniture made to withstand the elements can now be made to look […]

Trip to Bali: Sustainable Luxury

  As many of you may know, I had the immense pleasure of traveling to Indonesia last month, accompanied by my mother. The scenery was of course breathtaking. Traveling to different islands and being immersed in the remarkably friendly, hospitable, and wonderful people of Indonesia was nothing short of an absolute highlight in my life. Outside […]

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