Tree Nesting

Some of the best moments spent as a designer are in the traveling we do. Whether for a family affair or a mini vacation, it is so refreshing to get out of our own work bubble to enjoy the spaces that inspire others. Last week, Kim traveled to Santa Cruz for a friend’s wedding. While […]

Head over Heels for Chaises

When ONE KINGS LANE asked me to write a blog post in honor of Fashion Week, I jumped at the chance to discuss the link between fashion and décor. I was asked to pair “to-die-for” designer shoes with a covetable chaise longue and of course, I came up with eco conscious pairings to share! I […]

Solar Energy

Solar Panels Installed at 119! We have been waiting for the moment to see the meter running in reverse….another sunny day in California! We passed inspection and are ready to go. New and improved panels from Solar World have individual inverters (DC to AC power) on each panel. We will be able to see the […]

Gorgeous Tiles Part 2

It’s true that a space “speaks” to me and I get a feeling and a vision about the best solution for each room. For the main bathroom, a large format tile was the answer. I love glass! Although I love glass mosaic tile, i was looking for a large format glass tile for the shower […]

Gorgeous Tiles Part 1

How to choose tiles for myself? As an interior designer, I can make wonderful suggestions for my clients, but for myself? It’s not a question of finding beautiful tile choices – they are abundant – but how to narrow it down to 4 choices that I will love love for 4 locations – the powder […]

The Avocado Tree

119 came with a tree – that is, the land came with a beautiful plentiful ancient avocado tree.The dilemma-the backyard was so small already , so do we keep this tree and work around it, move it, or remove it? The tree was in bad need of pruning, and it was in the most inconvenient […]

Greenbuild NEXT 2011

Here iI am in Toronto, in my home country, at the Green build Conference 2011! ” We must leave oil before it leaves us”- Faith Birol, chief economist, Environmental International Agency) This morning, Amory Lovins of the RMI spoke abou how and what an oil-free future would entail and look like, which includes plug-in hybrid […]

simply:119: the making of a green home

there is nothing simple about 119… searching for a name for my green showhouse did come easily: 119…i believe in the power of numbers… ’119′ -a combination of ones and nines- …”a new door has opened for you as a product of your thoughts. you now have the opportunity to stare your thoughts in the face […]

NICHE design is au courant!

NICHE design is now current and in the now , now that we are blogging… and we have alot to say, so please check in on us periodically and let us know your thoughts! Our interests are: sustainability interior design and architecture graphic communications and design furniture design product design our latest and kim’s very […]

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