Design and The Number 8

Everyone has a story, a favorite number, an amulet of power, hope or luck. A sign, something that gives one a positive emotional connection to something. Often, it’s something that shows up repetitively in our daily lives. For me, it’s numbers and more specifically, the number 8.

Born on the eighth day on the eighth month, eight is my power number. It is also the power number of a great, creative mind: Christian Dior. So much so that he dedicated an entire timepiece collection to it.

dior watch


The Dior VIII Montaigne watch pictured above is my dream watch for more reasons than one. Dior wrote about using his favorite colors, the “most elegant of neutrals”, and “the softest of shades” as inspiration for this collection. Light blue with a mother-of-pearl dial embellished in the center with a circle of diamonds – this designer’s dream!  (How inspiring to see this gorgeous design which reflects our own brand –  our logo and eco-luxurious coastal living!)

Dior originally appeared for business on October 8th, 1946 on the eighth arrondissement (French for district) of Paris. His flagship boutique for watches and jewelry ended up at the address 8 Place Vendome in 2001. Having acknowledged his power in the number, Christian Dior then named his first haute couture collection “En Huit.”

The link I have to this stunning timepiece leads me back to to the power number that has appeared in my life over and over. Being a creative, it’s important for me to find meaningful connections as inspiration. I love the way this watch inspires everything our brand stands for. Design, whether couture fashion or custom interiors, should always awaken and inspire something within us. And this piece certainly does just that.

[Timepiece information from The New York Times USA edition Sunday October 2014 special advertising supplement]