Gorgeous Tiles Part 1

How to choose tiles for myself? As an interior designer, I can make wonderful suggestions for my clients, but for myself? It’s not a question of finding beautiful tile choices – they are abundant – but how to narrow it down to 4 choices that I will love love for 4 locations – the powder room, the main bath, the master bath and the swim spa tile? The underlying mission of 119 Green Show House and the making of  the book is about the journey and choices I have made building this home for myself, and making choices that live up to my design principles, which are beautiful easy living, and sustainably and conscious choices…

Powder Room: who doesn’t want a piece of Artistic Tile in their home? They have the most elegant and interesting tiles out there! In all my tile selections, I wanted to use my sustainability ‘local’ criteria  – many companies have their products manufactured in China -Artistic Tile’s particular Jazz Series glass line uses USA manufactured glass, and so I made compromises here and there… I had to have it!

I fall in love over and over again every time I see this room!


Glass Mirror Tile Artistic Tile: Big Band Silver Ragtime Lines Satin Mosaic

Silver-mirrored hand-cut linear pick up sticks mosaic in a satin finish, mesh mounted for ease of installation on 11″ X 12″ X 1/8″ interlocking sheets.

Jazz Series stained glass manufactured in USA