Green Design – Toto’s Treat

The newest trend in the design world is allowing certain aspects of the home which were previously overlooked to become stand-out show stoppers. For example, bulky, wall mounted metal range hoods now come in innovative models that resemble minimalist, floating lamp shades. Even outdoor furniture made to withstand the elements can now be made to look just as delicate as your favorite Roche Bobois living room collection.

We love celebrating great design, especially when it’s green (as in eco-friendly, although we do appreciate a pop of chartreuse every now and then). Our friends at Toto hands down have our most recent favorite household must-have. Because 119 Living Studio is used as a design lab to try out new products and ideas, they sent us a special present that we just can’t get over. The UltraMax 1G One-Piece Toilet may not sound like anything fancy, but we assure you, it’s like having your own little throne that not only looks pretty, but also does it’s part in bettering the environment! As of April 2015, California really cracked down on the amount of water a toilet is allowed to dispose of per flush, dropping from 1.6 gpf down to 1.28 gpf. This toilet goes above and beyond in efficiency as the only 1.0 gpf toilet on the market right now! Even better, it features a top of the line flushing system and a CeFiONTect ceramic glaze, which keeps things pristine and clean.

toilet guys

(Our favorite helpers coming to install the new Toto)

kim nadel interiors‘ mantra is based on eco-luxury, meaning we believe that things that are gorgeous and fantastic should also be sustainable and efficient. To elevate your bathroom, your toilet can now be promoted from eye sore to focal point. Check out the brand new UltraMax, perfect in 119’s hall bathroom and the newest green addition for the home built to inspire eco-luxurious living.

hall bath




(Left – A bathroom much too fab for any regular toilet gets the Toto upgrade – click on the UltraMax below for more info)