Greenbuild NEXT 2011

Here iI am in Toronto, in my home country, at the Green build Conference 2011!

” We must leave oil before it leaves us”- Faith Birol, chief economist, Environmental International Agency)

This morning, Amory Lovins of the RMI spoke abou how and what an oil-free future would entail and look like, which includes plug-in hybrid carbon-built vehicles, integrative design, and micro-power of renewables power infrastructure. His vision is like “reinventing fire” – bold business solutions for the the new energy era – which holds the vision of being free from oil and coal by 2050. He wishes for a world that is richer, fairer, cooler and safer….

Bill Browning, formerly of the RMI, and now heads Terrapin Bright Green, spoke about biophilic design, and the patterns of nature (fractels) that mesmerize us – fire flames, ocean waves, shells and fern leaves – he says “we are hardwired for this stuff”! I am a bold testament of this… I started my design career in Canada at McGill University, where Professor Jenkins taught me an introductory class on architecture, which is where I first wrote about and was inspired by nature -derived design and how it affects us and our built environment.  I am a bold testament of this…as I recently moved from NYC  to rural coastal Southern California, where I was able to rejunevate, restore and heal on a profound level at speed light surrounded by nature – hummingbirds floating in stillness, floral and citrus scents, the sound of palm leaves in the wind, mountain vistas, and crashing waves. I am so connected to the nature around me that cognitive processing is subliminal…talk about health, productivity and wellnesss…this is the daily dose I need.