Industrial Urban Eco Chic

Gone are the days of simply relying on just one style to describe a space – design is much more complex now. When we begin to develop a project, we create a complex style that becomes unique for each of our clients. There’s Coastal Contemporary, Classic Contemporary, Bali Contemporary; there’s Mid Century Modern and Glamorous Green. For example, we’ve created a style for our newest client that we lovingly refer to as Crispy Chic. The combination of styles and trends to fit just about anybody’s aesthetic has become a new trend in itself. So we here at 119 Studio thought we’d share with you a blend of styles that has really caught our eye lately.

Introducing Industrial Chic: the contemporary blend of industrial or exposed materials with clean lines and soft textures.

Decor musts when creating this look? The Einstein light bulb (a designer’s term for lights with copper or metal casing and visible filaments)

1f5e94c7b7a82393d77b29976b7d727fand sequined or metal accents.

Check out this chandelier, which we recently specified for an industrial chic, residential grand staircase.




The kitchen shown below is a perfect example: The light to dark contrast is super modern, but the masculine light bulb and wires, which are raw and exposed, and rough texture on the cabinets are softened by the high gloss subway tiles and earthy wood tones.




















The best part about going Industrial Chic is that often times, those old family antiques can be made modern again. A simple move, like glaming up an old desk with a super chic Flokati throw, can bring new life to your home office.





Check out our Pinterest Page for more trendy style blends!