Our faves from BD West 2017

Our faves from BD West 2017

We recently attended the Boutique Design Show, BDWest 2017. We enjoyed informative lectures; learning about and seeing new products; talking to the vendors representatives, designers, and consumers; and Interacting with the people involved in making great products.

We highly recommend you plan a visit to one of their upcoming shows. The BDWest website explains themselves best, here’s the pertinent info:

“Like its sister trade fair on the East Coast, BDwest was created to deliver a more specialized, more design-focused and more productive trade fair experience for hospitality design professionals. Five years later it’s one of the fastest-growing fairs in the U.S., in the hottest of development hotbeds, Downtown L.A.

Despite its rapid growth, BDwest remains uniquely boutique, with an elevated setting, an intimate feel, and a degree of personalized service unparalleled in our industry.


  • Make the most of your time. 
  • Take learning to new levels.
  • Showcase the latest.
  • Create an immersive design experience.
  • Cater to a passionate West Coast audience.”

Below are products that we personally loved and found inspirational at the show. These are either great for the environment, or have been processed with the environment in mind. Some, of course, are simply great looks for the home, office, or other hospitality projects.