simply:119: the making of a green home

there is nothing simple about 119…

searching for a name for my green showhouse did come easily: 119…i believe in the power of numbers…

’119′ -a combination of ones and nines- …”a new door has opened for you as a product of your thoughts. you now have the opportunity to stare your thoughts in the face and come eye-to-eye with your own creations. let the old fall away, as it is replaced with the new in accordance with your desires” – doreen virtue

 a sudden life-changing experience 3 years ago,

a relocation 2 years ago,

a search for a home 1 year ago,

brought me to cardiff-by-the-sea, california to design this green home.

i am looking forward to writing about how i got here, the process of building, the choices i am making (as an  eco-interior designer), and working with the many talented design professsionals in this community.

…please join me…