The Avocado Tree

119 came with a tree – that is, the land came with a beautiful plentiful ancient avocado tree.
The dilemma-the backyard was so small already , so do we keep this tree and work around it, move it, or remove it? The tree was in bad need of pruning, and it was in the most inconvenient spot- it reminded me of the power of the weeping birch tree in Brooklyn.. ( another tree story…)
This tree was here first…before we came along.. Who was I to move it? How many things do we avoid or uproot because of inconvenience?
The logical decision was to move it but several opinions told me that the tree wouldn’t survive a move.. the roots were too deep…and after many restless nights I knew I couldn’t bear another death… (I lost too many loved ones). I cherish this gorgeous tree. We have plans to plant a lime tree next to the avocado tree and grow cilantro in the garden … Just bring on the tortilla chips…